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stitch up

1. зашивам: When he'd stitched me up, he asked me how I'd come to get a wound like that. Когато ме заши, той ме попита как съм получил такава рана.
SYNONYMS: sew up.

2. (informal) набеждавам, обвинявам несправедливо: Becket was stitched up. New evidence has come to light that proves he didn't do it. Бекет бе несправедливо обвинен. Нови свидетелски показания разкриват, че той не го е направил.
SYNONYMS: frame.

3. уреждам (сделка и пр.): He was jubilant, saying he had the deal stitched up. Ликуващ, той каза, че сделката е уредена.
SYNONYMS: sew up.

 stitch up

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