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 fool about
 fool around
 fool about with
 fool around with
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fool about with or fool around with

1. играя си, бърникам: im and I got nervous when she started fooling about with her dad's gun.Тим и аз станахме нервни, когато тя започна да си играе с пушката на татко.
When you're fooling around with people's feelings, someone's bound to get hurt. Когато си играеш c чувствата на хората, някой сигурно ще бъде наранен.
SYNONYMS: mess about with (informal); muck about (informal).

2. забавлявам се c: He was released from jail only to find that, his wife had been fooling around with his best friend. Той излезе oт затвора, за да разбере, че съпругата му се забавлява с най-добрия му приятел.

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