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 fall about
 fall apart
 fall away
 fall back
 fall back on
 fall back upon
 fall behind
 fall down
 fall down on
 fall for
 fall in
 fall into
 fall in with
 fall off
 fall on
 fall out
 fall over
 fall through
 fall to
 fall under
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fall back

1. отстъпвам, оттеглям се: Our troops had to full hack in the face of an assault by the enemy. Войските ни трябваше да отстъпят пред щурма на врага.
The rioters fell back as the mounted policemen advanced. Размирниците се оттеглиха, когато настъпи конната полиция.
SYNONYMS: draw back; retreat; retire (formal).

2. отстъпвам: The police inspectors fell back in horror when they uncovered the murder victim's decaying corpse. Полицаите отстъпиха ужасени, когато откриха разложеното тяло на убития.
SYNONYMS: draw back; recoil.

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