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 fall about
 fall apart
 fall away
 fall back
 fall back on
 fall back upon
 fall behind
 fall down
 fall down on
 fall for
 fall in
 fall into
 fall in with
 fall off
 fall on
 fall out
 fall over
 fall through
 fall to
 fall under
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fall apart

1. разпадам се: These shoes weren't the bargain I thought they were. They fell apart after just a couple of weeks. Тези обувки не бяха добра покупка, разпаднаха се само след няколко седмици.
SYNONYMS: come to pieces; fall to pieces.

2. разпадам се: The whole organization had fallen apart due to lack of co-ordination. Цялата организация се разпадна поради липса на координация.
They tried to act as if everything was fine, but it was obvious their marriage was Jailing apart. Те се опитаха да се държат като че ли всичко беше наред, но беше очевидно, че бракът им се разпадаше.
SYNONYMS: break up; disintegrate.

3. рухвам: The intense pressure of standing up in the witness box made him fall apart. Той рухна or силното напрежение да стои изправен в свидетелската банка.
SYNONYMS: disintegrate.

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