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 fall about
 fall apart
 fall away
 fall back
 fall back on
 fall back upon
 fall behind
 fall down
 fall down on
 fall for
 fall in
 fall into
 fall in with
 fall off
 fall on
 fall out
 fall over
 fall through
 fall to
 fall under
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fall over

1. мадам, събарям се: Many of the gravestones in the old cemetery had fallen over, while others just leaned precariously. Много oт надгробните плочи в старото гробище се бяха съборили, докато други се бяха наклонили опасно.
She lost her balance and fell over. Тя загуби равновесие и падна.
It was dark in the forest and he felt over the roots of a tree. В гората беше тъмно и той се спъна в корените на едно дърво и падна.

2. (to fall over oneself to do something) надпреварвам се: The hanks are falling over themselves to lend you money and sell you new products. Банките се надпреварват да дават пари назаем и да продават нови продукти.

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