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 fight off
 fight out
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fight off

1. надвивам (болест): I thought I was going to get flu last week but I managed to fight it off. Мислех, че ще хвана грип миналата седмица, но успях да го надвия.
SYNONYSM: ward off; stave off.

2. отблъсквам (неприятел): The enemy tried several times to storm the castle, but each time they were fought off. Врагът няколко пъти се опита да щурмува замъка, но всеки път бе отблъскван.
We had to fight off the reporters as we went into the house. Трябваше да отблъснем репортерите, докато влизахме в къщата.
Не has so many women after him he literally has to fight them off. Той има толкова много жени след себе си, че буквално трябва да ги отблъсква.
SYNONYMS: beat off.

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