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 do away with
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 do for
 do in
 do out
 do out in
 do out of
 do over
 do up
 do with
 do without
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do for (informal)

1. убивам: It was the drink that did for him in the end. Пиенето го уби най-накрая.

2. свършено е с някого: You'll be done for if you get caught. Ако те хванат, c теб е свършено.

3. грижа се за, гледам домакинството на: He has a young woman who comes in each morning to do for him. Една млада жена идва всяка сутрин да се грижи за домакинството му.
They're quite old enough to do for themselves now. Tе са доста стари, за да се грижат за себе си.
SEE ALSO: do as.

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