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 drag down
 drag in
 drag into
 drag on
 drag out
 drag up
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drag down

1. съсипвам: The pain was obviously dragging her down. She seemed quite unlike the woman I used to know. Болката очевидно я съсипваше, тя съвсем не приличаше на жената, която познавах.

2. дърпам/влача надолу: He refused to be dragged down to their level. Той отказа да се принизи до тяхното ниво.
Knowing they were going to expel him from the administration no matter what he did, he decided to drag as many of them down as he could. Знаейки, че ще го изхвърлят от администрацията независимо какво направи, той реши да повлече надолу колкото може повече от тях.

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