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 die away
 die back
 die down
 die off
 die out
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die away

1. чезна, изчезвам: The sounds of their singing and laughter died away as they disappeared into the distance. Изчезвайки в далечината, пеенето и смехът им заглъхнаха.
His initial confidence soon died away to be replaced by feelings of doubt. Първоначалната му увереност скоро изчезна, като се замени от съмнение.
SYNONYMS: fade away.

2. заглъхвам, утихвам: As they approached the equator the light breeze that had carried them along died away. C приближаването към екватора лекият бриз, който ги беше отнесъл, утихна.

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