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 come about
 come across
 come after
 come along
 come apart
 come at
 come away
 come back
 come back to
 come before
 come between
 come by
 come down
 come down on
 come down to
 come down with
 come for
 come forth
 come forth with
 come forward
 come forward with
 come from
 come in
 come in for
 come in on
 come into
 come in with
 come of
 come off
 come on
 come on to
 come out
 come out against
 come out in
 come out of
 come out with
 come over
 come round
 come thtough
 come to
 come together
 come under
 come up
 come up against
 come up for
 come upon
 come up to
 come up with
 come with
 come within
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come across

1. намирам случайно, натъквам се на, попада ми: He was digging in the garden when he came across some old Roman coins. Докато копаеше в градината, той се натъкна на няколко стари римски монети.
Did yoуu happen to come across my old school tie when you were tidying out the wardrobe? Попадна ли ти старата ми ученическа вратовръзка, докато разтребваше гардероба?
Have you ever come across a case like this before? Натъквал ли си се на такъв случай преди?
It doesn't matter how experienced you are, occasionally you'll come across problems you hadn't anticipated. Няма значение колко си опитен, понякога ще се натъкваш на неочаквани проблеми.
SYNONYMS: run across; run into.

2. минавам: The Prime Minister's speech came across well. Речта на министър-председателя мина добре.
The film comes across as a poor imitation of 'Star Wars'. Филмът минава за слаба имитация на „Междузвездни войни".
She comes across as someone who is kind and caring. Тя минава за мила и грижовна. SYNONYMS: come over.

3. (informal) съгласявам се: At first he didn't want to pay but eventually he came across with the cash. Отначало той не искаше да плати, но накрая се съгласи със сумата.
SYNONYMS: come up with (informal); produce.

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