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 catch at
 catch on
 catch out
 catch up
 catch up in
 catch up on
 catch up with
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catch up with

1. догонвам, настигам някого/нещо: Let's slow down and give the others a chance to catch up with us. Пека да намалим и да дадем шанс на другите да пи настигнат.
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2. наваксвам: She's missed several days due to illness, but if she works hard, she'll soon catch up with the rest of the class. Тя пропусна няколко дни поради болест, но ако работи усилено, скоро ще навакса.
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3. захващам се с нещо изостанало: It's time to catch up with all the jobs in the office that you've been delaying. Време c да cc захванеш c всичката изостанала работа в офиса, която отлагаш.
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4. хващам, арестувам: He had defrauded dozens of old age pensioners oj their life savings before the police eventually caught up with him. Той бе измамил много възрастни пенсионери със спестява¬нията им, преди най-накрая полицията да го залови.

5. излизам наяве: His involvement in the fraud scandal, which he had tried to keep secret, was bound to catch up with him eventually. Замссвансто му в скандала за измама, който той се опитва¬ше да запази в тайна, щеше да излезе наяве най-сетне.

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