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 bring about
bring along
 bring back
 bring down
 bring forth
 bring forward
 bring in
 bring off
 bring on
 bring out
 bring out in
 bring over
 bring round
 bring to
 bring together
 bring up
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bring together

1. събирам, сближавам: The Festival brings together major musical talents from all parts of the world. Фестивалът събира големи музикални таланти от всички краища на света.
SYNONYMS: assemble.

2. събирам, обединявам: Our parties have brought together a number of couples. Нашите партита събраха много двойки.
As often happens when Paul and Sally have an argument, their children bring them back together. Както често се случва, когато Пол и Сали се карат, децата им ги сдобряват.

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