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 bring about
bring along
 bring back
 bring down
 bring forth
 bring forward
 bring in
 bring off
 bring on
 bring out
 bring out in
 bring over
 bring round
 bring to
 bring together
 bring up
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bring round

1. свестявам: A little brandy will usually bring an unconscious person round. Глътка коняк обикновено може да свести човек в безсъзнание.
SYNONYMS: bring to.
SEE ALSO: come round; come to.

2. спечелвам, придумвам: It won't be difficult to bring them round to our way of thinking. Няма да е трудно да ги спечелим на наша страна.
Within a matter of days, they'd been brought round to the view that a bridge would be a good idea. За няколко дни ги придумахме, че идеята за моста e добра.
SYNONYMS: win over; convert; sway.

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