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 bum about
bum around
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bum about or bum around (to bum around; bum around somewhere) (informal)

1. скитам се, шляя се, безделнича: On a sunny day, we would walk the streets together, and just bum around. При слънчево време ние се разхождахме заедно и просто се скитахме по улиците.
The idea of simply humming about for a few weeks was irresistible. Идеята да безделничим за няколко седмици бе неустоима.
SYNONYMS: laze about; loaf about.

2. скитам cе: The idea was to bum round France and Spain for a few months, until I found a job. Идеята е да се мотая из Франция и Испания няколко месеца, докато си намеря работа.
SYNONYMS: wander about.

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