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 balk, (baulk) 
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 be about
 be after somebody
 be after/at
 be along
 be around
 be away
 be back
 be behind
 be beyond
 be by
 be down
 be down for
 be down to something
 be down with
 be in
 be in for
 be in on
 be into something
 be off
 be off on something
 be off to a good/bad start
 be off for
 be on
 be on about
 be on at
 be on to
 be out
 be out for
 be out of
 be over
 be past
 be past doing something
 be round
 be trough
 be trough with
 be up
 be up against
 be up against it
 be up to something
 be with something
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be about

1. наоколо съм, наблизо съм: She is somewhere about. Тя е някъде наоколо.

2. на крака съм, възстановил съм се след боледуване (also be up and about, be out and about): She was ill for a week, but now she is out and about. Тя боледува една седмица, но вече е на крака.

3. be about to do something: каня се да сторя нещо: The child is about to jump in the pool. Детето се кани да скочи в басейна.

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