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 balk, (baulk) 
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 back away
 back away from
 back down
 back into
 back off
 back onto
 back out
 back up






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back off

1. дърпам се назад, оттеглям се: Brewer pulled out his revolver and the two men backed off. Бруър извади пистолета си и двамата мъже се дръпнаха назад.
This is nothing to do with you, so just back off! Това няма нищо общо с теб, така че разкарай се!
SYNONYMS: retreat (formal); withdraw (formal).

2. отдръпвам се назад, отскачам: She backed off when he stretched out his hand. Tой й протегна ръка, а тя се дръпна назад.
SYNONYMS: back away; retreat (formal); withdraw (formal).

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