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Find your reason for learning English Language

If you are unsure whether to start learning English, we will convince you to start immediately giving you the most common reasons. If you start learning English today, you increase the chances for a better job tomorrow, you make your trip abroad easier and your communication with people of different nationalities more enjoyable.

Here is the most common reasons below:

1.You Like To Learn Languages

You are maybe one of those polyglots that want to speak many languages and English among them because it’s the international language.

2. You Are Looking For A Better Job

Nowadays English is a must. If you want to apply for a better job, among many other skills, you do need a good English level.

3. You Want To Go To Live Abroad

If you have in mind to live abroad in the future, you have to master the English language in order to be able to communicate in almost any country in the world.

4. You Want A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend From Abroad

If you want to flirt with people from abroad English is the language that’s going to open more doors, or maybe I wanted to say…more hearts…

5. You Are Looking For Your First Job

Having a good English level is no more the key that open the door to the best jobs because nowadays a lot of people speak very good English. But I can assure you that not having a good English level in your resume is going to close almost all doors for sure.

6. You Just Love The English Language And Culture

You are between the ones that felt in love with any stuff that sounds and smells “English”.

7. You Want To Have Access To More Information

A lot of information in the Internet is in English. You need a good English level to have access to all these English materials like for example (Websites, Blogs, Articles, Books, Videos, Podcasts,…and so on…)

8. You Want To Study Abroad

If you want to study in a foreign university you need to take an English exam to show that your knowledge of the English language is enough to be able to follow your studies in English successfully.

9. You Want To Meet New Friends From Around The World

If you want to meet new friends from abroad you need to have a good English level to contact with people from both English speaking and no English speaking countries.

10. You Want To Work Abroad

If you want to work abroad, the company that’s going to hire you wants to be sure that you are going to be able to communicate with your workmates, clients… in English.

11. You Like Specific English Stuff

If you are a fan of English Music, Books, Films, Tv Show… no need to tell you that you need to know some English.

12. You Want To Get Promote In Your Current Job

If you want to have a better post in your office be careful because some of your colleagues can beat you if their English level is better than yours.

13. You Want To Travel Abroad

You don’t need more that one trip abroad to be aware that if you don’t know English then you are screw…

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